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A Collective of the Best Balti Restaurants in Birmingham

Proud to display the APAB badge of authenticity, the following restaurants are bound by a Memorandum of Understanding in relation to the preparation of their balti dishes; Shababs (Ladypool Road), Spice Merchant (Poplar Road, Kings Heath), Royal Watan (Pershore Road), Shahi Nan Kebab House (Stratford Road) and Khyber Pass (Alum Rock Road) are Birmingham’s oldest surviving restaurants in which an authentic Birmingham balti is correctly served in keeping with the balti tradition laid out in their group memorandum. The APAB badge, publicly displayed will act as a guarantee to balti aficionados and first-timers alike that a genuine balti can be found inside!

Established in 1984, Royal Watan serves authentic baltis alongside freshly prepared Kashmiri and Indian restaurant classics. once a regular haunt of the BBC glitterati at Pebble Mill, it has more recently been visited by This Morning Chef, Nisha



Shababs; the standard bearer for the Birmingham balti. A truly iconic balti restaurant serving amazing, authentic baltis since 1987.



Refurbished and re-fashioned as a Pakistani Street food restaurant, Shahi Nan offers friendly service and most importantly an authentic balti (amongst other delicious offerings – the lamb chops are a must!).

The Spice Merchant is one of the many eateries in Kings Heath but this friendly restaurant is guaranteed to serve an authentic balti

The Popular is well named as it is very popular for those in the know. Regular stop off for taxi drivers and others who need top notch food late at night. Great Baltis matched by superb starters.

The Khyber Pass is a long standing feature on the Alum Rock Road and a real ‘hidden’ balti gem

Disclaimer;  The Association for the Protection of the Authentic Balti , APAB,  aims to highlight restaurants that prepare and serve the authentic balti as created in Birmingham in the 1970s. However, inclusion on this website is not a specific recommendation and APAB and this website accepts no responsibility for either the restaurants featured themselves or for customers visiting the featured restaurants following access to this website. All information was believed to be accurate at the time of uploading but apab.org.uk cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies’.

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