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association for the protection of authentic balti

Zafar Hussain Master balti chef

About APAB – The Association for the Protection of the Authentic Balti

The Association for the Protection of the Authentic Balti (APAB ) has been formed to protect the authenticity of Birmingham’s most famous dish. A group of genuine balti restaurants have formed a core group and are bound by a Memorandum of Understanding in relation to the preparation of their balti dishes. Part of the reason for this initiative is the term ‘balti’ has been corrupted by supermarkets, pie manufacturers and unfortunately by many restaurants to relate to a variety of ‘curry’ products nothing to do with an authentic Birmingham Balti.
All restaurants who are members of APAB can display a copywrited window sticker as a badge of authenticity, the design of which can also be used in their marketing materials. New members are welcome either by direct application or by customer referral but will need to complete an audit form on their preparation and serving methods.
The Secretary of APAB is Andy Munro, born and bred in the Balti Triangle, author of the Essential Street Balti Guides in the nineties and more latterly, ‘Going For A Balti’, a book telling the story of the Birmingham Balti’.

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